Sporting Events Minibus Glasgow,Coach Hire for Sporting Events

Sporting Events Minibus Glasgow,Coach Hire for Sporting Events

Sporting events

Glasgow is a major force to be reckoned with when it comes to sports. It has dubbed itself as the city of Sport and has previously been the European Capital of Sport and also the UK National City of Sport. It has previously hosted events such as the Champions League Final and the Special Olympics National Summer Games.

Not many cities can boast three world class cities, but Glasgow is certainly one of them. The Ibrox Staduim is home to Rangers Football Club who are one of the countries most successful clubs. Celtic Park is home to Celtic Football Club and both Celtic and Rangers host top flight football games. The Scottish National Staduim known as Hampden Park is also based in Glasgow.

The Kelvin Hall Sports Arena has long been a venue for international events including swimming and leisure. It was once an exhibition centre and now caters for fitness classes as well as many other activities including indoor athletes track, climbing walls and also a sports injury clinic. It also has a function and conference room and many bars and restaurants within its vicinity.

There is also the Glasgow Hawks Rugby club which regularly hosts matches including junior rugby. Cartha Queens Park RFC is also worth mentioning.

Glasgow Minibus and coach hire can transport you to all sporting destinations, with ease, comfort and at affordable prices.