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Glasgow Minibus and Coach Hire has been running as a business for some time now. Since its first operation it has expanded vastly. Our speciality is to provide affordable transport services for all events including family trips, school educational visits and corporate / business seminars. All vehicles will be chauffeur driven and fully maintained. We provide Minibus Hire in these postcodes; G1, G11, G12, G14, G15, G2, G20, G21, G32, G41, G43, G45, G51, G53 and G76.

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Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is based on the River Clyde in the West Central area. It is the third most populated city in the whole of the United Kingdom and anyone hailing from the region is classed as a Glaswegian.

The history of the city goes back to the medieval times and through its major educational establishments such as the University of Glasgow. Like many large cities the Industrial Revolution caused a massive surge and heavy engineering mainly in shipbuilding became an integral part of the city. It has always been a prominent UK region but today its strength lies in the finance section. In terms of population there were severe increases at the beginning of the twentieth century. However, late into the century with many suburbs being created and boundary changes coming into effect, the population was re-arranged. There are now well over one million people living in the urban area of Glasgow. The whole region is well over two million people and this caters for 40% of the whole Scottish population.

In terms of housing, the key suburbs include Bearsden, East Dunbartonshire and also Clydebank. Some of the suburbs are considered poor where there are very high levels of unemployment and drug problems. Northern Glasgow has been through some redevelopment and modern housing areas have been built. There is a great deal of rented properties and many medium to high rise towers. Some of the areas remain upmarket and these include Maryhill and North Kelvin-Side.

Glasgow is amassed with many attractions and these include the Mitchell Library which is one of the largest reference libraries in Europe. The National Theatre of Scotland, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Scottish Youth Theatre and the Symphony Orchestra are also key establishments.

The city has its fair share of festivals and some of the key venues are Theatre Royal, Citizens Theatre and also the Kings Theatre. Museums are also aplenty and the main one is Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Burrell Collection and Gallery of Modern Art. Many of the museums are free of can find minibus hire glasgow company very close to the train station.

Many diverse religious sites are present in Glasgow and the key ones are the Roman Catholic Church and also the Church of Scotland. Glasgow Cathedral, St Lukes Cathedral, the Scottish Episcopal Church and St Andrews Cathedral are also worth mentioning. Other religious sites include the Glasgow Central Mosque and various other mosques, temples and synagogues. Academic institutions include the University of Glasgow, University of the West of Scotland and also the Glasgow Caledonian University