8 Seater Minibus Hire Glasgow

8 Seater Minibus Hire Glasgow

When you plan to tour the city of Glasgow with eight friends or eight family members, hiring an 8 seater minibus hire will make the tour comfortable and cost-effective.

Ford Transit 8seater Seater Minibus The transit is a roomy bus that can seat eight people comfortably. The vehicle comes with a low or medium height roof. The vehicle is quiet and the ride is comfortable. The van has beverage slots for each seat and places to keep cell phones. There are two USB ports in the front for charging mobile appliances easily. The minibus has a car-based platform and a four-cylinder engine. These features make it easy to maneuver and operate. The minibus is equipped with the advanced Ford Sync.

You can control a range of functions like making and receiving calls, playing music including from a USB or mp3 Pod. It comes with a navigation system and you can easily find a nearby restaurant, supermarket or monument by entering the name of the destination. The system can read incoming texts loud from some mobile devices. Most importantly, Ford Sync is easy to use and offers a wide variety of functions.

The 8 Seater Minibus Hire in Glasgow has an overhead rack for placing luggage. Besides the luggage rack, the vehicle has a large amount of storage space for belongings like electronics and water bottles. There is also plenty of luggage space at the back of the vehicle. There are powerful LED reading lights in case you plan to go around Glasgow at night and need to read a guidebook or map. If you are traveling as a rear seat passenger you can use the controls to adjust the air conditioning. The passenger seats are reclining and very comfortable and you can enjoy your tour around the city in a relaxed manner.

They offer ergonomic back support and are good for long journeys and short trips. Seats are covered with cloth or leather upholstery. The vehicle has heated front seats when the weather is cold in Glasgow. The passenger seats have plenty of leg room for comfortable travel. A multipurpose socket is provided between the drivers and passenger seat where one can charge their laptops or mobile phones without needing a special adaptor.

When you want to see one of the many historical sites that Glasgow has to offer, the side door is wide and has two handles on either side. There is also an electrically operated step to make getting on and getting off comfortable. The Ford Transit Eight Seater Minibus helps you and your family or group of eight tours Glasgow and its surrounding areas comfortably and conveniently.