12 Seater Minibus Hire Glasgow

12 Seater Minibus Hire Glasgow

This 12 seater minibus hire is ideal for a group or large family who plan to tour Glasgow or take trips around Glasgow. The minibus has tinted windows and an advanced radio, Bluetooth cum navigation system. The seats are made of durable fabric that is easy to clean. The seats have comfortable armrests for the comfort of passengers. The minibus comes in low, medium and high roof vehicles. The minibus is also fuel efficient compared to other minibuses. The minibus has a crosswind correction electronic stability control system that helps reduce the effects of crosswinds. It also comes with a roll stability control feature and a traction control feature. The windshield is large and offers greater visibility for the driver. There is an electric power step that makes getting in and out of the minibus comfortable for passengers.

The air conditioning system is also excellent and gives passengers a cool ride even in summer. The minibus has three USB ports and two power sockets for charging laptops and mobile devices. The minibus also has plenty of luggage space to carry the luggage of 12 passengers. The minibus is also fitted with safety features and one can tour Glasgow in the van without stress. The minibus has a forward cabin, a three seater second row, a two plus one seater third row with space to reach the fourth row that has four seats. The minibus seats have plenty of headroom and legroom.

The minibus has many beverage slots and slots for computers, pens and tools both in front and for passengers sitting at the rear. There is a large storage space under the front seat and pockets in the door that can hold drink bottles and other passenger requirements. The minibus is quieter than most other similar minibuses. The minibus is easy to drive despite being a large vehicle. The minibus is comfortable and is a good vehicle for a family or group who are taking a trip in and around Glasgow. The vehicle is practical and user friendly and does not give you a feeling of taking a luxury ride around the city.

Volkswagen Crafter

This minivan is a comfortable vehicle that easily seats family or groups of up to 12 passengers. The van is a front wheel drive vehicle. The safety equipment makes it safe for touring the city of Glasgow. It has four airbags, adaptive cruise control, crosswind assistance, and stability control features. It has a lot of luggage space. The seats are made of durable material. The central passenger seat can be folded and converted into a desk. There are cup holders and overhead shelves. The seats are fully adjustable and comfortable. Getting in and out of the crafter is easy.